Friday, August 19, 2011

Flying high

This cake I made for a boy who became 4 years old. I could make whatever I wanted. So this was what I ended up with. I wanted it to look like a children's drawing so I tried to remember how i was drawing in my childhood, and i guess it was something like this :) The cake itself is a mild Chocolate cake filled with raspberry  jam and a sour-cream raspberry mousse.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mini wedding cake

This is a small wedding cake for around 10 people. It is always  joyous  to make weeding cakes, it is so nice to know you will take a small part in someone's big day only if it is just with a cake :) So this  is a Vanilla cake filled with cappuccino mousse and white chocolate/vanilla mousse.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Michaels dream cookies

The recipe for these cookies I got from my Danish friend Michael . They where really easy and quick to make and  tasted delicious. The only problem with them was the recipe, though Norwegian language is very close to Danish language there is a lot of difference i came to know reading this recipe. So I couldn't really manage to understand how they where suppose to look so they ended up like this. Not to bad I must say. These cookies are filled with raspberry jam, but it possible to fill them with any jam. I will make them again for sure, they are absolutely lovely. So thank you Michael for the recipe for these lovely Raspberry filled cookies :) You will find the recipe on The recipe.

Mousse mousse and mousse

Mousse cakes are very popular here in Russia,and I can understand that of course they are delicious. And they are not really that complicated to make either. And the fun part about mousse cakes is that you can make them of any taste you like. I have tried out a lot of different taste and one of my favourites is these two cakes, a Chocolate mousse cake with dark and white chocolate on a nut meringue and a Blueberry yoghurt mousse on vanilla cake.
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