Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I must say i am a bit tired of the winter now. I really look forward to brighter and hotter days. But still i feel it is something magical about the winter, how the snow covers the nature in a white blanket. This magical winter wonderland cakes is made of  White chocolate cake  with caramel cheese-cream.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Last night i had a dream that i where running trough a field filled with cherry trees in full blossom. When i woke up i could still feel the soft smell of cherry flowers. So i decided to make a cake that will remind me of this beautiful dream. This sweet dream is made of a Swiss-roll filled with honey cream, served with cherry sauce.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I simply love cakes, the sweet taste that fills the mouth when a small piece  touches the tongue, how it  makes a whole symphony of  loveliness dance around in your mouth. This is one of this cakes a Cappuccino mousse cake with caramel cream and French macrons.The taste of soft coffee,  fluffy caramel cream and the crispy macrons  really is heavenly.

A little bit of cake is lovely, a lot of cake is heavenly . Last week i made cake for 200 people. It became a lot of cake, and i mean a lot. I made 4 huge 6 kilos cakes and 3 mousse cakes. I decided it would be boring to just make the same taste on all of them so i made : 
Chocolate cake with chocolate orange cream
Caramel cake with roasted almond cream

Orange cake with cherry cream

White chocolate cake with apricot cream

The tree mouss cakes i made in cherry,mixed fruit and blueberry taste

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