Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coconut delight

This delightful small things are actually made as a a low-carb sweet. Even though I make all this sweet cakes i like to stay away from carbs as much as possible. But sometimes it is just not possible . So this Coconut truffles are a substitute for my favourite chocolate,  Bounty.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Something sweet for the evening tea

This is really a fast and great way of serving something nice to your guests if you don't have time to make a cake. You can just make a Shortcrust pastry dough when you have time and make small  shortcrust pastry "cups". The great part with these cups is that you can fill them what ever you have and like. This ones I filled with some orange fillets ,chopped roasted hazelnuts, some strawberries and topped them with an orange cream,strawberries and chocolate . They where very tasty and very easy to make as well .  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A last cake for my dear dad

This cake I made for my fathers funeral. This is exactly how I am picturing him now. Sitting in heaven enjoying himself doing what he loved most to do, laughing a bit at us down here on earth and wondering why we don't have time to take a break and enjoy our life a bit.

RIP DEAR DAD  18.09.35-06.11.11

I am back again

Here is a small post after a long brake.  It has been a very busy autumn and winter where it has happened more then I really wanted.  My dear dad past away in the beginning of November and  after his death it has been a lot to do, both emotionally and  of practical sort. But anyway I feel my strength is coming back and I am ready to bake again. Here is a few cakes I didn't have time to post before. 

Snow white and the seven dwarfs for a birthday party in an orphanage here in Moscow. It is a red velvet cake filled with orange and white chocolate cream .

 Also a birthday cake for a orphanage here in Moscow. Also a red velvet cake filled with orange and white chocolate cream.

 A princess cake for a small girls birthday party . It is a pink vanilla cake filled with strawberry-white chocolate cream.
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