Friday, August 17, 2012


After yet another long cake-break i got asked if i could make a Wall-e cake for a birthday party. I love making these types of cakes, well i love all children theme cakes. You can make so much fun out of it and give the cake "personality" , i don't mean that other cakes are boring to make but somehow these types of cake makes my creativity bobble and it feels so satisfying to do.
This cake where suppose to be around 3 kg, well, somehow things doesn't always work out they way  it suppose to so it ended up  as a cake around 6 kg. Anyway to much cake is never a problem in my eyes. This cake is a Vanilla cake filled with strawberries and egg cream.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fabergé Easter egg

Here is this year's Easter cake.I had originally planned to make something very traditional like a cake with Easter Bunnies, eggs and chickens but then I found out that it's actually pretty boring. And since I live in Russia, I thought that this is the Russian answer to Easter egg. Fabergé eggs are incredibly beautiful, so to call this cake  a Fabergé egg is not really right , but that is at least  where I got the inspiration  for this cake. The cake it self  and the filling is inspired by my favourite Easter chocolate - filled Easter eggs from the Norwegian chocolate maker Freia. Unfortunately I cant get them here in Moscow, So this Chocolate cake filled with lots of delicious white chocolate cream is the closest I came.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fantasy flower cake

After a long  time since my last cake (too long)  I have finally made ​​a cake again. As always it was great fun, it was not for anything special, just to get out a little creativity. Not the most advanced cake either, but  simplicity is often the best they say :) A lot of  cake bakers  seems to think that to bake the cake and make the filling is the most boring part , but I must say I really enjoy  making the cake and filling as well. Mostly I try to think up new flavours and combinations and it is always exciting to taste  if it is good or not: D This cake is a white cake with cinnamon caramelized sunflower seeds filled with a cherry and orange cream, it was very good and fresh.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coconut delight

This delightful small things are actually made as a a low-carb sweet. Even though I make all this sweet cakes i like to stay away from carbs as much as possible. But sometimes it is just not possible . So this Coconut truffles are a substitute for my favourite chocolate,  Bounty.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Something sweet for the evening tea

This is really a fast and great way of serving something nice to your guests if you don't have time to make a cake. You can just make a Shortcrust pastry dough when you have time and make small  shortcrust pastry "cups". The great part with these cups is that you can fill them what ever you have and like. This ones I filled with some orange fillets ,chopped roasted hazelnuts, some strawberries and topped them with an orange cream,strawberries and chocolate . They where very tasty and very easy to make as well .  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A last cake for my dear dad

This cake I made for my fathers funeral. This is exactly how I am picturing him now. Sitting in heaven enjoying himself doing what he loved most to do, laughing a bit at us down here on earth and wondering why we don't have time to take a break and enjoy our life a bit.

RIP DEAR DAD  18.09.35-06.11.11

I am back again

Here is a small post after a long brake.  It has been a very busy autumn and winter where it has happened more then I really wanted.  My dear dad past away in the beginning of November and  after his death it has been a lot to do, both emotionally and  of practical sort. But anyway I feel my strength is coming back and I am ready to bake again. Here is a few cakes I didn't have time to post before. 

Snow white and the seven dwarfs for a birthday party in an orphanage here in Moscow. It is a red velvet cake filled with orange and white chocolate cream .

 Also a birthday cake for a orphanage here in Moscow. Also a red velvet cake filled with orange and white chocolate cream.

 A princess cake for a small girls birthday party . It is a pink vanilla cake filled with strawberry-white chocolate cream.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn cake

Autumn is my favourite time of year, I love all the colours,the smell of earth, the cold crispy air and the sound of fallen leafs on the ground when they blow in the wind. But what I love most is all the delicious fruits  that I can find I the markets and all the lovely things you can make with them. Big jars of apple jam, plum juice, marinaded pears on a shelf in a dark cupboard  that we can take out on cold winter days to remember how colourful and bright these days where.Ahh, how i love the autumn. So this autumn cake  is a sour cream cake filled with apple jam with a twist of lemon and cinnamon cream. Lovely flavours  together.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

A cup of cake

I am not really into this cupcake trend that is now, not because I don't find them nice or uninteresting, just because I am more of a cake person.  This cupcake was not suppose to be a cupcake either, it just somehow ended up like one. The original recipe was for a simple flat square cake with blueberries. It looked kind of boring so I decided that for ones I would make cupcakes. Then I went to the shop and they didn't have any blueberries so I ended up with Cherries. I am very happy with the result though they where sooooo tasty, totally delicious. So Vanilla cupcakes filled with cinnamon marinated cherries  and topped with cherry cream and cherry/cinnamon syrup i will for sure make again.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The cake in the shop

This cake was a lot about testing. The lady who ordered the cake said she wanted a cake like the one in the shop for her sons engagement party. And i wasn't sure what to think or what she actually wanted, so after some more phone calls I finally understood  which cake she wanted , and yes, she wanted a cake like the one in the shop.
And then it was the decoration, well I didn't get any exact answer on that either. So then after a few more phone calls she said, "I trust you, all the cakes you make are always beautiful"  After she said this she got a lot more cake then she asked for, I am not very difficult to flatter :D  But back to the cake in the shop. The cake in the shop is actually a very simple cake called  Sancha cake, You can find it in almost all shops here in Moscow,it looks like a pyramid that somebody has thrown white and brown painting on. But it taste really delicious. So what I did to make  this white and brown painted pyramid cake in the shop to look like this, was to make a normal chocolate cake , take out all the soft parts inside the cake so it became a cake shell, cut the soft cake-parts into pieces and mixed it with sour cream-vanilla cream and pineapple and put it all back again.  She became very happy, I became very happy and hopefully somebody will get married and live happily ever after.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Last week I got asked if I could make two cakes for an orphanage here in Moscow , and of course I said yes. Somehow making cakes for children is so joyful it takes so little to please a child while we adults demands so much more.I wonder where we lost this ability, we are so much into our work,career,lack of time and so on that we somehow lost the small pleasures here in this life. Happily cakes normally brings adults  and children a lot of joy. I for sure had  a joyful time making this two cakes. The sweet lady who ordered the cake said I could make what ever I wanted so I ended up making two of my favourite characters from a very funny  Russian cartoon series. I especially like the romantic ram called Barash, he is hopelessly in love with a lovely pig. The pink hedgehog called Ezhik is also a sweet little one. 
Since the cake was only for children I made a Rainbow-vanilla cake and filled it with tutti-fruity cream. It became a really a joyful looking cake inside and outside:)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Sometimes some idea for a cake just pops into my head and I cant get peace in my soul until I have made it. This cake is one of those cakes. I have a friend named Ana-Maria  who is posting so much beautiful Japanese drawings and other stuff on Facebook . So I guess the idea actually started there, and then I started to remember some Japanese dolls my father brought from Japan from the days he was a sailor, I used to play with them when I was a child. The cake itself also has a small story . Also in my childhood my friends and i used to go to our neighbouring village and buy the best and the hugest ice cream you can imagen,   and what we normally used to order was  one scoop of chocolate ice cream and one scoop of pistachio ice cream, wonderfully and sinfully tasty. So this cake is in the memory of this wonderful ice cream. So the lowest cake is a Chocolate cake filled with pistachio cream with chopped pistachios, the top cake is a pistachio cake filled with chocolate cream with chopped airy milk chocolate.

So my dear Ana-Maria and my favourite ice cream this cake is in the honor of you guys <3 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Flying high

This cake I made for a boy who became 4 years old. I could make whatever I wanted. So this was what I ended up with. I wanted it to look like a children's drawing so I tried to remember how i was drawing in my childhood, and i guess it was something like this :) The cake itself is a mild Chocolate cake filled with raspberry  jam and a sour-cream raspberry mousse.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mini wedding cake

This is a small wedding cake for around 10 people. It is always  joyous  to make weeding cakes, it is so nice to know you will take a small part in someone's big day only if it is just with a cake :) So this  is a Vanilla cake filled with cappuccino mousse and white chocolate/vanilla mousse.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Michaels dream cookies

The recipe for these cookies I got from my Danish friend Michael . They where really easy and quick to make and  tasted delicious. The only problem with them was the recipe, though Norwegian language is very close to Danish language there is a lot of difference i came to know reading this recipe. So I couldn't really manage to understand how they where suppose to look so they ended up like this. Not to bad I must say. These cookies are filled with raspberry jam, but it possible to fill them with any jam. I will make them again for sure, they are absolutely lovely. So thank you Michael for the recipe for these lovely Raspberry filled cookies :) You will find the recipe on The recipe.

Mousse mousse and mousse

Mousse cakes are very popular here in Russia,and I can understand that of course they are delicious. And they are not really that complicated to make either. And the fun part about mousse cakes is that you can make them of any taste you like. I have tried out a lot of different taste and one of my favourites is these two cakes, a Chocolate mousse cake with dark and white chocolate on a nut meringue and a Blueberry yoghurt mousse on vanilla cake.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cinnamon Brioche

Many years ago  i was an apprentice to become a chef  in a small Michelin  restaurant called D'artagnan . I learned so much in that kitchen and i loved it all. All the French exclusive dishes that went out to the guests  was so beautifully made  and tasted like heaven. Still there is a few thing a remember more the others, one of them is the French pastry Brioche. I remember when they took them out of the oven and the smell was so lovely, and they looked so small and delicate. And they tasted so much more then normal Norwegian pastry,so much softer and full of taste from saffron and rich butter. So as nostalgic as i am i decided to make this French beauties ,not with saffron but with cinnamon.  And i don't regret it, so tasty. So i recommend everybody to try out Cinnamon Brioche ones in their life . 
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