Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday cake

This is a simple birthday cake for Dima who was turning 25.  It is a chocolate cake filled with berry mousse and chocolate cream.

Tasty testing cakes

The last weeks i have been making lots and lots of cakes. I got a call from somebody who is going to open a bakery. They wanted something that was not so Russian so i ended up with making different mousse cakes and other creamy cakes. This is just a few of the cakes i made. So lets hope everything  works out for thees guys so i can continue making cakes for the:)   

Saturday, February 5, 2011


After a long break with not so much baking. I am back in my kitchen  together with my beloved Kenwood machine. So this time my Kenwood and i came up with this cake. I have for a long time had this idea that i wanted to make a turban cake but i couldn't find the proper timing to serve a turban.  I mean it is not like a cake you serve with your evening tea. But when I got invited to a birthday party and the birthday  boy ( eh, man) wanted a Indian inspired cake  i finally could make a turban cake.  He hasn't actually seen it yet but i hope he will like it ! I wanted to try something new for this cake so i made a "very cherry cake" :) 
 It is made of Cherry cake filled with cherry-lemon curd and cherry-lemon cream. Very cherry. 
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