Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer cake

 In Norway we have a cake called The worlds best, if you have ever tasted it you will understand why it is called that. Even when Jamie Oliver got this cake server when he was in Norway he very well understood why it is called the worlds best.
Normally this cake is made with a vanilla cake with meringue and chopped almonds on top, filled with vanilla cream. But since it is summer i decided to make a fresher version of the cake , i used the vanilla cake with meringue but used chopped walnuts instead , i made a citrus mousse inside and some sliced sweet strawberries. A really fresh cake.   

Blueberry vanilla mousse

 Once again mousse cake! But even if it is a mousse cake it ended up with a really fancy color. It also tasted delicious really fresh and nice. So it will not be the last time i make a Blueberry vanilla mousse cake, but next time i think i will try with a hint of orange or lemon in it. Or maybe use a lemon cake inside not a vanilla cake. Or just try it all, i am sure it is a lot of volunteers for eating them.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Strawberry cake

The Norwegian strawberry season has just started. I cant Imagen anything better  then sweet Norwegian strawberries, i can say with my hand on my heart that Norwegian strawberries is the best in the world. The not so warm Norwegian summer makes the strawberries incredible sweet and tasty. The berries on this cake is unfortunately not made with Norwegians berries when the first strawberries of the season cost as much as a small car. But the cake is still very tasty it is made of a Crunchy meringue nut cake with homemade vanilla cream and strawberries.     

Eurovision 2010

This Eruovision song contest where held in Norway after our Norwegian hero Alexander Rybakk won the competition last year in Moscow. This year it didn't go so well, and we ended up in the lasts spots,witch is more normal for Norway then winning. Anyway I was invited to a Eurovision party, and of course we needed something sweet for the (sweet) music...... So this is some Eurovision muffins, they have all different taste Daim muffin,Chocolate muffin,Liquorish  muffins and Vanilla muffins filled with vanilla cream.  
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