Wednesday, May 19, 2010

17 of May, Norwegian national day

Norway's national day is a very special day for all Norwegian. The celebration is very different from other countries national day. Even thou the national day is a celebration of a very big and serious day it is made into a celebration for children. Both adults and children are dressed up in their finest clothes or the Norwegian national dress Bunad. On this day the children are suppose to be allowed to eat as much ice-cream, sausages and cakes as they want to, they normally manages a lot of it all.  This cake is decorated in the colors of the Norwegian flag. And it is made of Vanilla cake with Oreo cookies filled with strawberries, around the cake it is strawberries with chocolate and branches from birch.

17 of May, Norwegian national day

This cake i made for the Norwegian national day. It is a  Raspberry mousse cake

Monday, May 10, 2010


This I made for a very sweet lady, she became so upset that i where going to Norway when she where going to celebrate her birthday so she wanted to change the date of the party so i could come with a cake.  We came to an agreement that i should make a cake for her and freeze it down. So this is her birthday cake a vanilla cake with mocca and orange cream filling.   

Orange cake

This cake is made of  Vanilla cake with cherries filled with homemade orange jam and orange cream. It became like an orange bomb, so much orange taste at once,oh my...

90 years

This cake is made for a lady who became 90 years old, a really grown up age i must say. She wanted a mousse ( of course, she is Russian). She is wanted something not to sweet so I made a Cherry-yogurt mousse cake with white chocolate decoration.
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