Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer cake

Now that the strawberry season has started i thought it was time for a strawberry cake. I grew up in a village that had a few fields with strawberries, so when the summer vacation had started and the village was filled with the sweet smell of strawberries my friends and i couldn't manage to keep away from the sweet berries. But the thing was that in the daytime the fields was filled up with eager strawberry pickers. So we waited until the sun barley had gone under the horizon and run as fast as we could to the fields. Then we sat down in the middle of the field and enjoyed the sweet and juicy berries, and nobody could tell us that stolen berries dint tasted good.  I have a lot of good memories about strawberries so it was not difficult to find inspiration to this cake. The cake is a Vanilla cake filled with New York Cheesecake and fresh strawberries.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tasty test cake

A few weeks ago i sat and ate peanuts  when my friend served me a wonderful cup of cafe latte. With the taste of salted peanuts in my mouth i drank the cofe, and the taste that came was one of the best i have tasted in a long time. i would never thought that cofe and peanuts would taste so perfect together. That is the idea of this cake Chocolate cake filled with caramel, salted peanuts and a mocha cream. The mocha cream is made from a cofe chocolate, it tasted a lot of cofe and very nice. I have wanted for a long time to learn how to make this type of big roses, so after several you tube clips this is the result.   I have to practice more, but i had really a lot of fun making it. 
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