Sunday, November 14, 2010


So here is another car cake,this time a Lamborghini. I never thought it would be s o difficult to make cars, i guess the most difficult part is to make them look the same on both side.It all start when you start to carve out the cake, just a few cm wrong cutting and you have to "glue" on some cake again. Especially on this car where it is so much details. And also very time consuming. BUT the great part is that is so much fun , i love to do all this small details , painting it in different colors and see it becoming more and more like a car(well, not always though) This cake is for a boy named Ilja for his 10 years birthday. He is playing a care game called Need for speed and his favorite car   is a Lamborghini. I used a car from the game as a model. I really hope he enjoys the car as much as his game ;)  The cake is made after Iljas choice, he wanted a Chocolate cake with cashew nuts filled with banana cream i also added a thin layer of light chocolate cream.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is the first car cake i have made. I was thinking that it cant be so difficult, but so wrong can a person be. And since it was was suppose to be a Bentley as well i was struggling a lot.  But i somehow manage to make a car that looked a bit like Bentley. But anyway the lady who i made it for became very happy , so then my cake heart also becomes happy. So this huge Bentley cake is made of 5 kg chocolate cake filled with pineapple mousse and chocolate cream. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thomas The Tank Engine

This is the first 3D cake i have made, it was not so difficult as i thought it would be. But a lot of work, but enjoyable work. It is not so easy to see it but the cakes  are really big, i think both of them together is like 6-7 kg. It is for a boy who becomes 5 years  old, and obviously his big hero is Thomas . His mother was very frighten that Thomas alone was to little cake , so late last night i made the wagon called Annie . Luckily i had a cake  and cream ready. So The Tank Engine Thomas is made of chocolate cake with cashew nuts filled with raspberry cream.Annie is made of plane chocolate cake filled with raspberry cream.  
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