Sunday, January 2, 2011


In Norway for Christmas you are suppose to have at least 7 types of cookies, the cookies we normally make we only make at Christmas time. Somehow Norwegian Christmas is full of (strange) traditions , a mix of  christian  traditions and  traditions from before christian time. If one can manage not to stress to much Norwegian Christmas can be the best time of the year. But unfortunately people goes a bit mad at this time and forget to enjoy all the good things that the Christmas brings. This December was kind of busy for me, i have been traveling so much the last month so  when Christmas finally came it came as a shock. The only cookies i manage to make for Christmas this year was this melted snowmen cookies. They brought a lot of joy so hopefully nobody noticed that they where the only ones on the table. They are made of Sugar cookies with royal icing and melted marshmallow as a head.   

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