Monday, September 5, 2011


Sometimes some idea for a cake just pops into my head and I cant get peace in my soul until I have made it. This cake is one of those cakes. I have a friend named Ana-Maria  who is posting so much beautiful Japanese drawings and other stuff on Facebook . So I guess the idea actually started there, and then I started to remember some Japanese dolls my father brought from Japan from the days he was a sailor, I used to play with them when I was a child. The cake itself also has a small story . Also in my childhood my friends and i used to go to our neighbouring village and buy the best and the hugest ice cream you can imagen,   and what we normally used to order was  one scoop of chocolate ice cream and one scoop of pistachio ice cream, wonderfully and sinfully tasty. So this cake is in the memory of this wonderful ice cream. So the lowest cake is a Chocolate cake filled with pistachio cream with chopped pistachios, the top cake is a pistachio cake filled with chocolate cream with chopped airy milk chocolate.

So my dear Ana-Maria and my favourite ice cream this cake is in the honor of you guys <3 

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