Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cinnamon Brioche

Many years ago  i was an apprentice to become a chef  in a small Michelin  restaurant called D'artagnan . I learned so much in that kitchen and i loved it all. All the French exclusive dishes that went out to the guests  was so beautifully made  and tasted like heaven. Still there is a few thing a remember more the others, one of them is the French pastry Brioche. I remember when they took them out of the oven and the smell was so lovely, and they looked so small and delicate. And they tasted so much more then normal Norwegian pastry,so much softer and full of taste from saffron and rich butter. So as nostalgic as i am i decided to make this French beauties ,not with saffron but with cinnamon.  And i don't regret it, so tasty. So i recommend everybody to try out Cinnamon Brioche ones in their life . 

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