Thursday, July 21, 2011

Testing Testing!

I am very fond of testing out new recipes and tastes. So this is one of my testing projects. I have for a long time seen  Whoopie pie recipes all over the net, and i have wanted to make them for a long time now. So finally i made them :) Another thing i have wondered how was tasting was Marshmallow Fluff . So i finally made that to. And  i have had this flavored oils  for some time and i haven't manage to try all of them out. So i off course had to try them as well.  So i made whoopie pies filled with  flavored marshmallow fluff. To be totaly honest i don't think i will make them again, they became so   sweet i really thought i got diabetes there and then. When i use American recipes i normally use less sugar, in these ones i did as well but still the became really sweet. Might be they would be better with a fresher filling. But still i manage to test out all the things i have wanted for a long time so i am still happy. The oils i tested  was banana flavor - very tasty,coconut flavor-my favorite, tutti frutti flavor- very children friendly,raspberry flavor- fresh and nice and cheese cake flavor- soft and round taste. I have also tested pistachio flavor- also one of my favorites,chocolate flavor- not tasty at all and orange flavor- fresh and nice taste.

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