Saturday, October 1, 2011

The cake in the shop

This cake was a lot about testing. The lady who ordered the cake said she wanted a cake like the one in the shop for her sons engagement party. And i wasn't sure what to think or what she actually wanted, so after some more phone calls I finally understood  which cake she wanted , and yes, she wanted a cake like the one in the shop.
And then it was the decoration, well I didn't get any exact answer on that either. So then after a few more phone calls she said, "I trust you, all the cakes you make are always beautiful"  After she said this she got a lot more cake then she asked for, I am not very difficult to flatter :D  But back to the cake in the shop. The cake in the shop is actually a very simple cake called  Sancha cake, You can find it in almost all shops here in Moscow,it looks like a pyramid that somebody has thrown white and brown painting on. But it taste really delicious. So what I did to make  this white and brown painted pyramid cake in the shop to look like this, was to make a normal chocolate cake , take out all the soft parts inside the cake so it became a cake shell, cut the soft cake-parts into pieces and mixed it with sour cream-vanilla cream and pineapple and put it all back again.  She became very happy, I became very happy and hopefully somebody will get married and live happily ever after.

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